How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB drive and install Windows 10

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Open an elevated PowerShell and type the command below. Switch to the Tools tab and click the button Optimize under Optimize and defragment drive. Right click the drive you want to defrag and select Properties from the context menu. Utility, whenever your computer with SSD storage appears to be running slow. In general, you should consider running ‘Optimize Drives’ utility, whenever you notice a sluggishness in the performance of your computer.

If you press the power button too quickly, your device’s screen will lock. However, if you push the volume button before it’s ready, you’ll end up adjusting the volume. This dialog will be similar to the previous Windows 10 upgrade prompts, but will not explicitly mention Windows 10. 10 delivers the most refined desktop experience ever from Microsoft, and yet it’s so much more than that.

Ways to Take Screenshot in Windows 10 Without Third-Party Software

You’ll notice that your mouse cursor has changed to a crosshair of sorts. Simply click and drag the snipping tool over the area you’d like to capture. For those that are completely new to tech, a screenshot is a still image of a particular window or area on your display. It is a way of capturing exactly what your screen is displaying so you can share or use it in the future. Click “Mode” to choose how you want to capture your screenshot.

  • As you can see in Figure C, you have several options to consider when this setting is on.
  • Try the easy way first, then try the complex way.
  • From there press CTRL S. That saves any edits you did to the file.
  • If one of your drives does not appear in the list, then it is most likely formatted as exFAT.

Mainstream builds of Windows 10, until and including 2004, were labeled “YYMM”, with “YY” representing the two-digit year and “MM” representing the month of release. For example, version 1809 was released in September of 2018. This was changed with the 20H2 release where “MM” represents the half of the year in which the update was released, for example H1 for the first half and H2 for the second half. However, another loophole was found that allowed Windows 7 and 8.1 users upgrade to Windows 10 using existing licenses, even though the free upgrade offers officially ended in 2017. No word from Microsoft was given whether it will be closed and some outlets have continued to promote it as a free method of upgrading from the now-unsupported Windows 7. Windows 10 includes DirectX 12, alongside WDDM 2.0.

Use the Snipping Tool

However, the ActivePresenter is also designed very functionally. The users can also choose what type of project they wish to capture and create the project. The tutorial will help to show how to assess the software for creating interactive training content in HTML5.

However, if you still need to use a third-party app, a few apps will serve that purpose, like Snagit and Lightshot. The methods to take screenshots with these apps vary, but they usually require you to keep the app running in the background and a key-combo for capturing the screenshot. You may also get prompted to opt into this method the first time you press the PrtSc key, as pictured above.

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Recruiting an Operations Research Analyst with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process. Drag one or more of the fill handles to resize the image . Click the first icon and draw a rectangle around the content you want to capture . We recently updated our Terms and Conditions for TechRepublic Premium. By clicking continue, you agree to these updated terms. Save it to computer using the down arrow icon in gallery or send automatic link from clipboard.

Note that if you have Driversol. an SSD, this option will be unavailable. Now that we know what defragmentation means, we can begin with the steps to do it manually on your PC. Based on your requirements, choose any disk which you wish to scan & defrag. Depending on the amount of data stored on the disk, the process can take some time. To set automatic defragmentation on Windows 10, navigate to the Control Panel & change the view to Small Icons. If you would like to defragment disk in Windows 10 without implementing all the aforementioned steps every time.